About us

Meet the Fast'n Classic team

The founders

The founders Laurence and Christophe are two epicureans, lovers of travel and American cars.

Twenty years ago, they said "I do" to each other before driving away in a 1962 Corvette C1 convertible.

In 2019, after a busy career, they have decided to indulge in some of America's finest cars.

While criss-crossing the roads of Provence aboard their Ford Mustang GT Cabriolet, the couple had the idea to share this art of living by creating Fast'n Classic.

Their ambition is to make the pleasure of driving dream vehicles without constraints and without hidden costs available to as many people as possible.

A team of experts

Confidence: you drive safely with our American cars

  • We crossed the American continent from north to south and from east to west, in search of exceptional cars in perfect condition.
  • We select the most competent and recognized providers in France and across the Atlantic.
  • Each vehicle is certified by experts and then pampered by us.

The pleasure : we create for you a unique experience on the roads of Provence

  • We offer a range of services such as purchase/resale, personalized reception, concierge service, maintenance and security.
  • We organize photo shoots for all your events

Frequently asked questions

Fast'n Classic Garage has selected for its customers :

  • A certified automotive expert specializing in vintage and prestige vehicles, especially English and American: Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, T.Bird, Mopar, AC COBRA etc... A passionate automotive expert who will help you in your endeavors if you wish to follow up on a restoration, buy, sell a vintage vehicle or have it appraised: Nicolas SAOUT - Automotive expert - 003587-VE
  • External bodywork and saddlery specialists, specializing in vintage cars.
  • The insurers GAN and GROUPAMA for the insurance of old and/or recent vehicles.

For more information, contact us !

At the wheel, American Supercars provide a unique feeling of escape combining power and character, driving becomes a global experience. On the roads of the South, you can appreciate the VROOM of the big and generous V8 engines, never short of horsepower, 200 at least with an incomparable torque!

Fast'n Classic

Specialized in the purchase/sale, maintenance and repair of American prestige vehicles: Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang. The American dream is finally accessible! Our used vehicles are directly imported from the USA, systematically checked, approved to European standards and appraised beforehand. Meet us at the Fast'n Classic garage in Noves near Avignon.
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